Monday, 8 December 2014

Digital comics for sale

As well as selling printed comics from my online store, I am now also selling digital comics.
I have just released the colour version of 'The Jungle' with an alternative ending, to the original black and white print edition.
Buy my the digital editions of my comics here!

Thursday, 4 December 2014


I collaborated with Salão Coboi. I created the painting 'Totem Cat' which he then used as inspiration for a sculpture, which is being exhibited at Colette, Paris from the 1st of December through to the 3rd of January.
You can buy prints of Totem Cat here
You can buy the amazing  Salão Coboi sculpture here

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Often and Mistakes - Dog Comics 2

Space Pup - My comic for Often and Mistakes Dog Comics 2.
Buy Dog comics 2 here!

Alien Hunter - Hi-Score Club

 Earlier in the year, I worked with Hi-Score Club on a t-shirt which pays tribute to the wave of games developed in the wake of the success of Ridley Scott’s Alien, most notably Metroid. 

Critters - Ohh Deer

I've been working with Ohh Deer, and I've had a few different designs made into a variety of goods.
This is one of my most recent designs that I created exclusively for them called 'Critters'.
The critters are all individual, acrylic paintings, which I designed to work as a repeat pattern.
You can buy cushions, wrapping paper and a variety of other goods from Ohh Deer with these designs.
Check out my section on the Ohh Deer shop for more products:

Snakeman -Guardian of the Rainforest

Over the past 2 years, comics have been increasingly important to me. I love building worlds and telling stories, and developing comics has been incredibly rewarding.

Here is a recent comic I created for an anthology about rainforest conservation.

I'm not dead!

Hello everyone!
Don't worry, I'm not dead! In fact, I've probably made more work than I ever have in my absence from using my blogger account.
I've been posting a lot of comics, work in progress and updates on my tumblr: 
So if you want to keep up to date with what I'm doing, and to check out my most recent personal work, check out my tumblr.
A lot has happened in the year and a half since I last posted here. I've been busy with a variety of projects, comics, illustration work and painting, and it's been a lot of fun, but there has been a lot that I've had to sort through.

I will be updating the blogspot with recent projects as much as I can.